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Building the jsPsych documentation

The documentation hosted at is generated using mkdocs and the mkdocs-material theme. The documentation files are located in the /docs directory of the GitHub repository. The documentation is written using markdown.

To build a local copy of the docs, you will need to install mkdocs, mkdocs-material, and mike using poetry.

Install poetry

Poetry is a package manager for python. Follow the install instructions on the poetry website to get it running.

Install dev dependencies

Run the command poetry install in the root directory of jsPsych to install mkdocs, mkdocs-material, and their dependencies.

Building a local copy of the docs

Run poetry run mike deploy [version] -u to build a new version of the documentation or to override an existing version. For example, if you are testing an edit to version 7.2 of the documentation, run poetry run mike deploy 7.2 -u.

You can also use jsPsych's custom npm command: npm run docs:deploy [version], e.g. npm run docs:deploy 7.2.

This will build the documentation and commit it directly to the gh-pages branch.

We use mike instead of mkdocs for the build step to support versioning of the documentation. mike runs the mkdocs command under the hood.

Viewing the local docs

To launch a local webserver, run poetry run mike serve, or use jsPsych's custom npm command: npm run docs:serve.

The docs will be viewable at http://localhost:8000.

Updating the public docs site

For core maintainers only

After the documentation has been built locally (and therefore committed to your local gh-pages branch), you can update the live documentation site by switching to your gh-pages branch and pushing to the remote gh-pages branch.