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This plugin initializes the camera and helps the participant center their face in the camera view for using the the WebGazer extension. For a narrative description of eye tracking with jsPsych, see the eye tracking overview.


In addition to the parameters available in all plugins, this plugin accepts the following parameters. Parameters with a default value of undefined must be specified. Other parameters can be left unspecified if the default value is acceptable.

Parameter Type Default Value Description
instructions string too long to put here Instructions for the participant to follow.
button_text string Continue The text for the button that participants click to end the trial.

Data Generated

In addition to the default data collected by all plugins, this plugin collects the following data for each trial.

Name Type Value
load_time numeric The time it took for webgazer to initialize. This can be a long time in some situations, so this value is recorded for troubleshooting when participants are reporting difficulty.


Because the eye tracking plugins need to be used in conjunction with each other, please see the example on the eye tracking overview page for an integrated example.