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This plugin displays a text with certain words removed. Participants are asked to replace the missing items. Responses are recorded when clicking a button. Optionally, responses are evaluated and a function is called in case of differences, making it possible to inform participants about mistakes.


In addition to the parameters available in all plugins, this plugin accepts the following parameters. Parameters with a default value of undefined must be specified. Other parameters can be left unspecified if the default value is acceptable.

Parameter Type Default Value Description
text string undefined The cloze text to be displayed. Blanks are indicated by %% signs and automatically replaced by input fields. If there is a correct answer you want the system to check against, it must be typed between the two percentage signs (i.e. % correct solution %).
button_text string OK Text of the button participants have to press for finishing the cloze test.
check_answers boolean false Boolean value indicating if the answers given by participants should be compared against a correct solution given in the text (between % signs) after the button was clicked. If true, answers are checked and in case of differences, the mistake_fn is called. In this case, the trial does not automatically finish. If false, no checks are performed and the trial automatically ends when clicking the button.
mistake_fn function function(){} Function called if check_answers is set to true and there is a difference between the participants answers and the correct solution provided in the text.

Data Generated

In addition to the default data collected by all plugins, this plugin collects the following data for each trial.

Name Type Value
response array of strings Answers the partcipant gave


Simple cloze using default settings (no check against correct solution, no custom button text)
    var cloze_trial = {
        type: jsPsychCloze,
        text: 'The %% is the largest terrestrial mammal. It lives in both %% and %%.'

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More elaborate example (with check against correct solution, custom error handling and modified button text)
    var cloze_trial = {
        type: jsPsychCloze,
        text: 'A rectangle has % 4 % corners and a triangle has % 3 %.',
        check_answers: true,
        button_text: 'Next',
        mistake_fn: function(){alert("Wrong answer. Please check again.")}

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