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jspsych-serial-reaction-time plugin

The serial reaction time plugin implements a generalized version of the SRT task (Nissen & Bullemer, 1987). Squares are displayed in a grid-based system on the screen, and one square changes color. The participant presses a key that corresponds to the darkened key. Feedback is optionally displayed, showing the participant which square the key they pressed matches.


In addition to the parameters available in all plugins, this plugin accepts the following parameters. Parameters with a default value of undefined must be specified. Other parameters can be left unspecified if the default value is acceptable.

Parameter Type Default Value Description
target array undefined The location of the target. The array should be the [row, column] of the target.
grid array [[1,1,1,1]] This array represents the grid of boxes shown on the screen. Each inner array represents a single row. The entries in the inner arrays represent the columns. If an entry is 1 then a square will be drawn at that location on the grid. If an entry is 0 then the corresponding location on the grid will be empty. Thus, by mixing 1s and 0s it is possible to create many different grid-based arrangements.
choices array of strings [['3','5','7','9']] The dimensions of this array must match the dimensions of grid. Each entry in this array is the key that should be pressed for that corresponding location in the grid. Entries can be left blank if there is no key associated with that location of the grid.
grid_square_size numeric 100 The width and height in pixels of each square in the grid.
target_color hex color code #999 The color of the target square.
response_ends_trial boolean true If true, the trial ends after a key press. Feedback is displayed if show_response_feedback is true.
pre_target_duration numeric 0 The number of milliseconds to display the grid before the target changes color.
trial_duration numeric null The maximum length of time of the trial, not including feedback.
show_response_feedback boolean false If true, show feedback indicating where the user responded and whether it was correct.
feedback_duration numeric 200 The length of time in milliseconds to show the feedback.
fade_duration numeric null If a positive number, the target will progressively change color at the start of the trial, with the transition lasting this many milliseconds.
prompt string null This string can contain HTML markup. Any content here will be displayed below the stimulus. The intention is that it can be used to provide a reminder about the action the subject is supposed to take (e.g., which keys to press).

Data Generated

In addition to the default data collected by all plugins, this plugin collects the following data for each trial.

Name Type Value
grid array The representation of the grid. This will be encoded as a JSON string when data is saved using the .json() or .csv() functions.
target array The representation of the target location on the grid. This will be encoded as a JSON string when data is saved using the .json() or .csv() functions.
response string Indicates which key the subject pressed.
rt numeric The response time in milliseconds for the subject to make a response. The time is measured from when the second stimulus first appears on the screen until the subject's response.
correct boolean true if the subject's response matched the target.


Basic example with four squares in a single row

var trial = {
  type: 'serial-reaction-time',
  grid: [[1,1,1,1]],
  target: [0,1]

2x2 grid, Showing feedback for 500ms

var trial = {
  type: 'serial-reaction-time',
  grid: [[1,1],[1,1]],
  choices: [['r','t'],['f','g']],
  target: [1,0],
  show_response_feedback: true,
  feedback_duration: 500